Mixed 12 Bottle Pack

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Can’t decide what flavour to choose? Try our pack which features 4 bottles of each flavour! Which will be your favourite : 🫚 Ginger 🥥 Coconut 🥒 Cucumber ? Leave us a review when you’ve tried all 3!
This pack contains 4x 500ml bottle of Coconut infused spring water; 4x 500ml bottle of Ginger infused spring water; 4x 500ml bottle of Cucumber infused spring water.

Our water is bottled in a 88% plant based & recyclable cardboard carton, produced from sustainable sources of paper and sugarcane.

Our water is light and refreshing, sourced from local springs, reducing our carbon footprint.

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Weight 6340 g
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 37 cm


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