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Bring indulgence & sustainability to your glass.

With our range of White Extra Dry London Gin, Spiced Rum, and Breton Vodka, Korinthian Spirits delights your taste buds while maintaining a commitment to the environment

London Extra Dry White Gin

Juniper, Timut Pepper, Cucumber, Ginger – Harmonious flavours, vibrant juniper, zesty Times pepper, cool cucumber, and lingering fresh ginger create a perfect balance. Indulge a gin perfection today.

Spiced rum

Raisins, Spices – Rich and luscious, our rum features succulent Corinthian raisins and a medley of carefully selected spices. A sensory delight of warmth and complexity awaits. Experience indulgence.

Breton Vodka

Coastal allure distilled. Pristine spirit and ocean essence bring a gentle sea breeze, hint of brine, and refreshing salinity to every sip. Let the charm of the shores transport you

Revolutionary Bottles Redefining Spirits

By using an innovative new bottle (10 times lighter than glass), our carbon footprint is up to 80% less than traditional glass bottles. Artisan-ally crafted with care and creativity, our spirits redefine traditional flavours. Enjoy a guilt-free sip of Korinthian Spirits, knowing you’re supporting a brand that’s making a positive impact.

Bottle made from braided flax fibres

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