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Our water is light and refreshing, sourced close to home, reducing our carbon footprint.


Our water is bottled in a 88% plant based & 100% recyclable packaging, produced from sustainable sources of paper and sugarcane.


Our water will not contain any added sugar or calories, just a kiss of great flavours from natural essences.




Cool as a cucumber. A refreshing infusion like a slice of cucumber in your water on a hot day.


The root of the flavour. Enjoy delicate notes of ginger infused in your pure spring water.


Nutty about our subtly infused coconut water? Tastes like dew from the heavens.


Locally sourced delicious water, KISSD pure is a special gift from the Earth.



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Super refreshing!! Lovely subtle hint of fresh Cucumber. Making water taste amazing even more so when chilled!
Kissd Cucumber
OBSESSED. My fridge is filled with the stuff, can't start my morning without Kissd - give me all the coconut water!
Kissd Coconut
Absolutely love ginger, nothing better than water with a bit of a kick. Best way to hydrate
Kissd Ginger

our sustainable


88% plant-based bottle

Made from unused part of sugarcane

100% recyclable

Renewable and safe for the planet

Carbon neutral

Kissd offsets all carbon emissions for carbon neutrality

better for
the planet

& the climatE

Kissd’s mission is to create a sustainable, unique and great tasting natural flavoured spring water, that’s good for you, the planet and the climate. We wanted to steer away from artificial flavourings and base our product on natural essences produced from all shapes of fruit or vegetable, concentrated down in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Our recipes blend the premium flavours subtly, as if they were lightly kissed with flavour!

who are WE ?

We are Mark and Josh, nice to meet you! We created Kissd water as a delicious, zero calories and zero sugar alternative to other bottled water on the market. We were becoming increasingly frustrated by the fact that if you wanted a flavoured drink, it had to be packed with sugar and / or shipped across oceans in plastic bottles.

We have a deep seated passion for sustainability and want to make a difference to the bottled water industry. That is why we developed Kissd, a brand dedicated to delicious natural water, bottled and delivered in the most sustainable way possible.


asked questions

Which flavour should I choose?

Depends what kind of refreshing beverage you like:

🫚 If you’re a fan of zesty, we would say Ginger.

🥥 Light and fragrant? Go Coconut.

🥒 Cool and crisp? We say Cucumber.

💦 One with Nature? Stick with Pure Water

Can’t decide ? Choose our multipack ! CLICK HERE TO SHOP ! 

What are the ingredients in Kissd water?

Our water will not contain any added sugar or calories, just a kiss of great flavours. Our recipes are made from natural essences that have been concentrated down. This  further reduces our carbon footprint too!

We LOVE wonky fruit and veg, making sure that each and every one has its use! Our flavours use the fruits and vegetables that are not quite pretty enough to get to the shops, but these still have great flavours, we give them the love they deserve.

Our current flavours are:

🫚 Ginger

🥥 Coconut

🥒 Cucumber

Are there any allergens I should be aware of?

Our recipes are free from all 14 common allergens according to EC Regulation 1169/2011 and its amendments of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011.


Where is Kissd water sourced and bottled?

The short answer… as local as possible!

We are dedicated to ensuring that our water has the smallest carbon footprint it can.

We will not ship our bottles, empty or full, massive distances across land & oceans.

Our bottles will be produced as flat packed stock and transported as rolls to eliminate transporting empty bottles.

While each recipe is the same, the local water will give each country a subtle difference.


What are Kissd doing to reduce their carbon footprint?

Our water is bottled in a 88% plant-based and recyclable cardboard bottle. Bottles are produced from sustainable sources of paper and sugarcane. Our lids are made from the unused parts of sugarcane, not grown for the sole purpose of our bottles. 

While it’s already 74% less carbon emissions than a similar sized plastic bottle, we want to go further – Kissd will work tirelessly to increase the plant based content to 100%.

Further to this, our water will be bottled using quality assured and local, natural Mineral or Spring water. As we expand into different countries, we will continue filling them as locally as possible.

Kissd will pledge towards 1% for the planet (1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and non-profit organisations tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues).

Kissd offsets all carbon emissions for carbon neutrality.

How much does Kissd water cost?

Our water comes in packs of 12 for the price of £18.00

Can I buy in singles and bulk?

Singles – No, you will not be able to buy single bottles on our website. The reason for this is that we don’t believe it is environmentally sustainable to ship individual bottles cross-country.

Bulk – Yes, you will be able to buy one-flavour packs of 12 bottles on our website for £18.00 a case. If you are interested in larger bulk orders than this, please get in touch.


When can I expect to receive my order?

We expect delivery to dispatch within 1 -2 days of orders coming in. You can typically expect to receive your order within 3-5 working days after dispatch.


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If you are interested in stocking or offering Kissd drinks at upcoming events, we’d love to hear from you!
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