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Happy Valentine's Day

For a whole month, take advantage of our ‘buy one get one free’ promotion across the whole range!

Are you cool as a cucumber ? 🥒

The root of the flavour ? 🫚

Or the slightly nutty one ? 🥥

Mix and match across our range and get one for you and one for your partner ! (Or get both for yourself we won’t judge you) 😊💝


🌿 Dear lovers of the planet,

At a time when love is in the air, we would like to celebrate something very special with you: our love for our beautiful planet. Although Valentine’s Day is often associated with commercial traditions, we firmly believe in gestures of affection that don’t have a negative impact on our environment.


As an eco-responsible brand, we’ve decided to bring you this exclusive offer that celebrates both love for flavoured waters and our commitment to sustainability. Don’t miss this opportunity ! Join us in this effort and let your love for the planet shine even brighter this Valentine’s Day.


Kissd Team 

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